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Roof and Cupola Restoration, Phase 2

Dear brothers and sisters!

We have completed the first phase of the restoration work in our church, here are the photos.

Here's what has been done using the donations from our parishioners so far:

  • 3-D laser scanning survey - $6,600
    See video1 and video2.
  • HVAC: Completely replaced and expanded air duct system for the air conditioner, re-installed the A/C unit - $45,600
  • Roof: all historical layers removed, wooden parts repaired, thermal insulation and modern TPO roof installed - $105,677
  • 3 front cupolas manufactured in Cleveland, delivered to Philadelphia and installed - $167,184
  • Construction Manager services paid - $20,000

Total spent amount is $345,061. As of August 24, 2021 the reconstruction fund has $4,000

We have to manufacture and install the main, central dome.
It is necessary to raise about $100,000 to complete all work by the fall of 2022.

We cannot complete this project without your personal help.
Donate for the restoration of the main cupola!

Note 1. At the request of the parish meeting, the Roof and Cupolas Committee can provide a detailed financial review of all donations and costs associated with the restoration.

Note 2. During the restoration of the roof and cupola there was a parallel project in the cafeteria, which included replacing kitchen equipment, lighting and sewage. This work was paid for from a separate Sisterhood fund and a special Building renovation fund. Roof and cupola donations were not spent on the kitchen-related projects. Roof and cupola donations were used strictly for their intended purpose.

Divine Liturgy: Sunday 10am – noon

Vigil: Saturday evening 5pm – 7pm

The Holy Day Divine Liturgies are celebrated according to the "old" Julian calendar.

Rector: Archpriest Mark Shinn