Roof and Cupola Restoration, Phase 2

Dear brothers and sisters!

We have completed the first phase of the restoration work in our church, here are the photos.

Here's what has been done using the donations from our parishioners so far:

Total spent amount is $196,663. As of April 17, 2021 the reconstruction fund has $72,000

We have to manufacture and install the main, central dome.
It is necessary to raise about $80,000 to complete all work by the fall of 2021.

We cannot complete this project without your personal help.
Donate for the restoration of the main cupola!

Note 1. At the request of the parish meeting, the Roof and Cupolas Committee can provide a detailed financial review of all donations and costs associated with the restoration.

Note 2. During the restoration of the roof and cupola there was a parallel project in the cafeteria, which included replacing kitchen equipment, lighting and sewage. This work was paid for from a separate Sisterhood fund and a special Building renovation fund. Roof and cupola donations were not spent on the kitchen-related projects. Roof and cupola donations were used strictly for their intended purpose.

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The reopening of our beloved church will be slow and gradual. The health and safety of our parishioners is our guide. Risking the lives of others in order to worship God is not “spiritual”. The steps we are listing today will be modified gradually as conditions permit.

Attendance by the laity

  1. Only ten parishioners will be able to attend any given service. If you wish to attend, please call Maria Bardysheva (267-266-8695). She will write your name down for the service you have requested. Should there already be ten people registered for that service, she will suggest an alternative service.
  2. Once you have registered, please let Maria Bardysheva know if you are unable to attend as planned, so that room can be made available to others.
  3. Please think of the welfare of your fellow-parishioners. If you have a fever, if you are coughing, if you are feeling unwell, PLEASE STAY HOME. Facemasks must be worn at all times. All attendees must stand at least six feet or two meters apart.
  4. When you greet each other, please do not hug or embrace, do not shake hands, remain six feet apart.
  5. For the time being, we do not kiss the Holy Icons and Crosses, or the Holy Relics. We bow and stand before them in reverence and prayer. At the end of the Divine Liturgy we do not come forward to kiss the Cross.
Anyone who is unable to follow these rules will be politely asked to leave the church building.

Receiving Holy Communion

  1. The rules for fasting and prayer in preparation for receiving the Holy Mysteries remain the same.
  2. After the reading of the Hours, right before the beginning of the Divine Liturgy, the priest will read the Rite of General Confession. Private Confession will not be possible at this time.
  3. As you come forward, you will see a tray with red paper dinner napkins. Take one and remove your facemask. Hold the dinner napkin under your chin in order to prevent a drop or particle of the Holy Gifts from falling to the floor. The Holy Gifts will be given to you in a wooden spoon. The priest will then place the spoon in a paper bag being held by the deacon or altar server. Wipe your lips carefully with the red dinner napkin and place it reverently into the same bag. Do not kiss the chalice. Proceed to the table on which the “zapivka” is set out and you will see it served in individual paper cups and paper containers for the Antidoron. Consume both and respectfully leave both the cup and small container in the designated spot. Put your facemask back on and regain your place in the church, giving thanks to God.

The Choir

Singing unfortunately spreads the human breath far wider than ordinary speech or breathing. For this reason, only four choir members can sing at any one service. Who sings for what service is at the discretion of the Choir Director. The singers must respect the six-foot distancing at all times. In order to prevent their “breath” from falling onto the congregation from the choir balcony, all singers must stand at the back of the balcony.

The Refectory

In the early stages of reopening, the Refectory will remain closed. No food or drink will be offered.

Divine Liturgy: Sunday 10am – noon

Vigil: Saturday evening 5pm – 7pm

The Holy Day Divine Liturgies are celebrated according to the "old" Julian calendar.

Rector: Archpriest Mark Shinn